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The Answers You Need

Do you have to be 21 and over?

The Wakehouse is a bar and grill and for all ages before 10pm! Some events are 21 and over, but check the event details before bringing a minor.

Do you allow pets?

Dogs are allowed outside on our patios as long as they are accompanied by the owner and a leash.

Are the pool tables still accessible?

Unfortunately, we no longer have the pool tables or jukebox available for use.

Who owns The Wakehouse?

Since 2015, the owners have been Mike and Ryan Peach.

Do we need reservations?

Reservations are not required, but if it is a weekend or you have a large party, it is highly recommended so we can best accommodate to all our guests.

Where do I get information about camping?

Call the designated campground number (559) 970-6156

Do you accept Apple Pay?

Yes, we use a POS system that accepts contactless payments.

Do you require masks?

We do not require masks, but strongly encourage wearing one. If you prefer your server to wear a mask during your time at our establishment, please let us know.

If your question wasn’t included or addressed in the information provided please contact us below.

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